Wendelton University

Wendelton University

This large University sprawls over a city block in historic Wendelton. It is divided into 3 campuses: Newton, Asimov and 'the Bill Nye Memorial Campus' (or Nye.) Nye, formerly Wright, was renovated and renamed after the popular media scientist after his untimely death in April of 2017.  

The Bill Nye Memorial Campus


The Bill Nye Memorial Campus is a modern campus, having been recently renovated and consists of five main buildings: The Dorms, Library, Event Hall, Planetary Sciences and Advanced Mathematics.

The Nye dorms

A single large 4 story building. The building is meant to house some odd 144 students. The building is made almost entirely of cement with steel fire doors, the unfortunate escalating trend of school shootings at the time led to the Nye dorms being one of the first dormitories to be fitted with bulletproof glass windows on the first floor.

Nye Dorms: Floor 1

No one stays on the first floor of Nye, though the bulletproof glass and highset windows make it mostly safe, no one wants to be able to look out at the dead staring in directly at them, or listen to the pawing and pounding.  

The lower level has been carefully picked clean of important neccessities, and rooms containing zombies have been appropriately marked. As of now there is 3 rooms containing a total of 5 zombies. (2,2,1).

There is a stash of supplies/bugout bag near all 3 dorm exits on the ground level.

Nye Dorms: Floor 2


Floor 2 is overrun, early during the outbreak, the population of floor 2 was much higher than the other floors. Somehow an outbreak exploded, a few escaped, but many were trapped within. The door has been marked a "hell zone." No one knows exactly how many zombies are inside and people don't really want to find out.

With all that said, clearing the hell zone out is an oft mentioned topic of debate, due to supplies that may possibly be found within.

Nye Dorms: Floor 3 

Mostly floor 3 is used for storage (though having enough items to require a storage is quickly becoming unneccesary.)

By the start of this game, it had been converted into a quarantine and medical zone in response to the outbreak of Diptheria.

Nye Dorms: Floor 4

The fourth floor is where everyone has made their homes. It is the most stocked of all the floors, though supplies are quickly dwindling.  

Nye Dorms: Roof Access

Wendelton University

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